“Rutgers Basketball Tries To Take Credit For UConn’s Stars” by

jarcher04 Milford, MA
“Rutgers Basketball Tries To Take Credit For UConn’s Stars” by @jarcher04

Rikoshi Santa Clara, CA, USA
@tealfox It's a fine medium for talking about plenty of things. Just not the stuff everyone always wants to yell about.

GetItQuietly Running around on the target
Ooh, MTV 9pm. Meet Monica, a college-aged medium who's trying to balance school, boys and talking to the dead. Sorry Giles.

Gigi_Peterkin ☁️
whilst we're talking platforms, I've had success cross-posting my @medium posts with @LinkedIn #smchat

emlassow Muskegon, MI
in 10 minutes I'll be talking to a medium holy fuck is this real

itsa_talia Brooklyn, NY
@Spacekatgal haha fair. I mean I did write this, which was much easier:

1MillionCupsBMI 108 E. Beaufort St. Normal, Il
Is talking to #customers killing your #startup? @SamuelHulick #startup #custdev #leanstartup #entrepreneurship

absolut_zer0 Little Rock, AR
I wasn't the only person talking about this. What's the plan?

kitchencartusa United States
Product Code: B007T0MB38 Rating: 4.5/5 stars List Price: $ 399.99 You Save: $ 170.95…

Root4HomeTeam LA

jamieberger Turners Falls, MA
Hi All, I've been returning to writing and talking and thinking a lot about big stuff like patriarchy and how...

petepaphides London
Here's the love letter to Europop I wrote for The New European a few weeks ago.

THELuisAMendez Tampa Bay, Florida
Talking about clowns like this, pretty funny to see unskewing hitting some media types

Heaven's Yelp rating is only 2.5 stars. See why:

rogerbchen New York, NY
Lunch at @AxialCo with @gilbeyda talking about the path to acquisition, inspired by post


ChurchOfCordite USA
@floatvoid @ksen_otaku I would be interested in talking about videogame violence further in a different medium than tweets though.

gravityx9 Viva Las Vegas!
USA American Flag Text with Stars & Stripes Stamp

tonight corey feldman will be on hollywood medium with tyler henry talking about corey haim ❤️✨

DrA_DreamCoach Houston, TX
Check out "An Evening Under the Stars w/Xcellence" @Eventbrite

this stupid hollywood medium just said to the lady from dancing with the stars "do you have a career with physical movement" you stupid fuck

Talking the talk - in your design process @designernewsbot:

ugurkaner San Francisco, CA
Talking the talk in your design process --

TheMistyBuck Miami, Florida
“The power of talking about the same thing every day” by Jonas Ellison

alivvviia Ohio, USA
We're talking about the fall of the Greek empire and all I can think about is a medium hamburger with the works

gravityx9 Viva Las Vegas!
USA American Flag Text with Stars & Stripes Stamp

favorite4paws USA
Medium Dog Collar 3/4" Wide 11-15" Colored Stars by favorite4paws via @Etsy

DavisGouveia Lisbon
“The skills gap at work … that no one is talking about” by @invoker

MrWhite79112853 Haifa, Israel
@FatSheikh @ThomasWictor @ArieFriedman @FXS_Signals_TH Medium sized what? I've no idea what you could be talking about. Spell it out please.

Talking_Pain We live on for now
Mindful movement helps #pain. Starting yoga at your level is critical @MDJudge Read:

jaicecousins Nashville
"There's low, medium, high & then Luke Bryan" -@DierksBentley talking about settings on the dryer for pants 😂

Created: 31 Aug 2016