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SotnosDogwear England, United Kingdom
Meet Gracie! Part of our Sötnos family. Keep posting your photos of your precious pooches in their sötnos gear, we…
princessdom11 England, United Kingdom
Your at work At your office Login to my account & send me cash tributes That is ur first priority #paypig #findom
Rajeshdey56 India
@BDUTT @nytimes @washingtonpost Proud of you. Check your notifications.
‘The lwa, the Orisha, Nkisi, Vodou, all the different names we call our different spirits by, all the manifestation…
O_luwatomiwa Lagos, Nigeria
I fear for the souls that will make it to the great beyond on account of those two states election... wild wild wes…
Most Unique Pets You Can Own
Janetpage123 Melb Australia
@australian Greenie 2 bob snobs who drive petrol cars live -work in air conditioned comfort fly in planes ---green…
wherewascharlie Singapore
The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the Path to Paradise™ lies in your meticulousness of breaking l…
snogroove Europe, Travelling
YOUR sadistic incompetence is the horror slow here, sad old man.
PlunkettFoundat UK
Voting for the People's Choice #award is now open! Read the #inspiring stories from #coops and pick your favourite!
SuzannadeeMusic Yorkshire and The Humber
@robbeckettcomic thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to…
marnofavonlea Green Gables
Get you a man who can give you a war ship and find your parents.
d_mmahat Nairobi
You won’t keep control of your time, unless you can say ‘no.’ You can’t let other people set your agenda in life.
When your nudes so bomb you wanna expose yourself💀
uluwehi_knecht Hawaiʻi
@TommyTonsberg Did you manage to keep your extemities from going numb as you built it?
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AndyDoggerBank Leeds
@GarethBarlow At least you get a good amount of bollock for your money, 12's a high bollock-to-cake ratio.
sandfreak450 #PNW
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