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ChrisMurphyCT Hey Rick, this year’s Republican budget proposes cutting $500 billion - $500 BILLION - from Medicare. I didn’t make that up. That’s your party’s actual proposal. Just a heads up bc it seems you didn’t know. U.S. Senator from Connecticut.
amazedbykay Los Angeles, CA I feel for @ArianaGrande right now. When you leave someone you love for your own betterment you fear things like this happening. I wouldn’t wish that on any woman. I pray she doesn’t internalize any guilt or regret. I genuinely mean that. 💙 Influencer | TV Personality | Motivational Speaker | All things women & self-healing. 🕉 Spreading Her State Of Mind 🧠
KamalaHarris California Save this number to your favorites: (202) 224-3121. Call your Senators in the morning and tell them to oppose Kavanaugh. Call them in the afternoon. Leave a message at night. Keep making your voice heard. U.S. Senator for California. Former CA Attorney General. Fighting for justice and giving voice to the voiceless. Wife, Momala, Sister, Auntie. Aspiring chef.
abbey_simmons tour & Tacoma @PhizLair If I know what city I'm in, I consider it good enough. Safe tour to you & your crew! tour managing & merch selling sass-mouth. lapsed writer. vintage seller. probably wearing polyester. priced out Seattle local. resisting citizen.
thesum @thedailybeast What you all should REALLY be worried about is the Senate is just about to confirm #Kavanaugh to #SupremeCourt and he will STRIP WOMEN of their right to privacy and birth control and FORCE WOMEN to carry pregnancies against their will. CALL YOUR SENATORS! Tell them to vote NO! Mom, Editor, Tutor, Singer, Cheese Lover, Costume Maker, Political Junkie, Sleuth, Laugher, Sleeper, Patriot, Not afraid to look Wayne Tracker in the eye!
LtureCoo Ireland @shanedawson Honestly I'm suprised about people's reactionI believe that if she would really cry and didn't like the idea Rayland didn't post the video!But even that you made jokes and so I think it's a good idea for her to leave and you live as a couple.I was in your shoes and it wasn't cool Crazy and fun vloger and mum. Live in Ireland and love it!
shaggy_brooks I miss laying on your chest and falling asleep to the sound of your heart beating like a drum.
_Sinyoro Is Zimbabwe poised for growth? @MthuliNcube the weight of expectations on your shoulders must be heavy. Stubborn immigrant racing against time to touch one soul at a time.

Make a fake death certificate