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Make a work of art without lifting a brush.
Grinding on a girl for 4 hours will tire you out and leave your ankles feeling like they just ran a marathon. Just…
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@Kimicament WTF are you doing with your life
fakeadmiparty Tokyo-to, Japan
@ashoswai @ReutersIndia u got a job in Sweden by your anti Hindu thesis what people of Odisha will do ? should they go and beg
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Saying anything you don't like is #FakeNews isn't wise and is counterproductive. Widen your range of news, leave your comfort zone.
By capturing of Police such as #Cele #Phahlane #Phiyega #Selebi foreign criminals (Nigerian druglord, Krejcr, Agglioti etc) own SAns @MYANC
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Giving fans too much power over your creative decisions is how you end up with Alien Covenant or Homer's car. Or th…
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@mattshirvington up to your old tricks again? #whataprankster #why #STIvWST
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