Hello Art Lover!
Make a work of art without lifting a brush.

Dont sacrifice your writing style or anything thats authentically you for anyone or anything especially if it excites you andor brings you peace Thats a great way to hate your art the process and your audience Make people sacrifice their expectations of you instead

hausmuva The Moon Don’t sacrifice your writing style (or anything that’s authentically you) for anyone or anything, especially if it excites you and/or brings you peace. That’s a great way to hate your art, the process, and your audience. Make people sacrifice their expectations of you instead. A soft, dark, and lovely paradigm shift. ⚫️

Lubchansky QUEEMS, NEW BLORK it’s probably cool and bodes well for the future of art that anything that can’t be projected to make eleven zillion dollars gets completely smothered in the crib by the money people, if it even gets made at all your chill friend // associate editor and comics @thenib // // they/them

JubileeDJ Havent lived in MIA since 2012 If you are in media and you want to support women (or anyone) and you sincerely want them to make more money write about them, repost their art, support their projects when you get their press release, spread the word ! @Mixpak, Magic City, inquiries: lewis@2plus2.net natassha@2plus2.net

pavitheunicorn Kuala Lumpur @HelpZhafir I met this man with the res of the Jack It gang at Poet X. His flow thooooooo. Y'all ain't seen shit until y'all here Zhafir spit. He also thought me to respect my own art b'cos "no one can make what I can make". I appreciate your voice man. Horned-headed highnesses. Here to ruin your life. 🦄😈👸🏾💁🏾‍♀️✨💫

lunitasdior everytime i see a cute chino style fan art i have the inhuman urge to ask the artist to make it a sticker or keychain so i can purchase it was @moonsdior. 22. #SEUNGCHEOL: gay rights!

marauderstic ravenclaw, she/her never dabbled in the art of au myself but how can i make a prongsfoot one james potter and his goonies gang only

GarbageDotNet Perth, Western Australia Oh yeah I have a confession to make: it's me, I'm the one with the Warhams art book. Trash Golem, Dumpster Djinn, Rubbish Elemental, The Original Wasteman, A Big Pile Of Garbage! You can't kill me, I'm already dead.

johnnyscumsock +54 • tori • 19 • Someone pls make a thread with Jaehyun as famous pieces of art and add this with the statue of the kidnapping of Persephone or sumn [ASMR]: #쟈니 shows you how much of a wh*tey he can be

Karl_Cros United Kingdom Probably won’t have any art out over the next couple of days since family have came to visit and I’m spending as much time with them as possible. Sorry about this but I will make sure I have some done as soon as I’m back to it 👍 backup account. main account @croskarl hehe | Liz gang 😤👊

SaQeArt Finland Time to cut some snowy bears! Sometimes I need to remind myself to do art to myself! I do mostly commissions and con prep these days 😅 Wanted to make this fellow so long and now seemed time for it! Artist from Northern part of Finland. / 📝Commissions: CLOSED💜: 🐶🐻🐺🦊🦋🐠🐉🌕❄️

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